Salem, Ohio

Ways to Give

We, as United Methodists, pledge to uphold the Church

with our prayers, our presence,

our gifts and our service.

  Christ calls us to share our financial

blessings through tithes and
offerings to further

God’s work here on earth.

Annual Giving/Pledges

Each year our finance committee oversees our

stewardship campaign. During this time our members

and friends of Salem First pledge their monetary support

for the coming year.  It is only through the generosity

of our church family that our

church is able to support its missions,

its staff and its overall operation.

Online Giving

Online giving enables you to give a specific dollar

amount electronically.  The amount is securely and

automatically deducted from your checking or savings account,

or charged to your VISA or Master Card. 

You can choose for these deductions to be made

as wanted,  weekly,  monthly or annually.

Above and Beyond…

Our church has several other donation categories that are not supported by our general budget.  These include:

The Memorial Fund 
Summer Programs 
Third Service Fund 
Trustee Fund 
Other:  Specify a category

Legacy Giving/Contingency Fund

Legacy giving is supporting the future Church

through your assets or estate.  These gifts ensure that

our church and its programs will be here for the

next generation.  These gifts could be a bequest, stock,

a gift of real estate or personal property, and annuity

or a life insurance policy.  Legacy giving can

bring a sense of blessing for the future of our church as

well as providing other benefits to the donor, such

as income tax benefits or reduced capital gains

and estate taxes.  Gifts can be designated

toward specific ministries according to the

donor’s wishes.

If you would like to donate to any of these funds, click on the “Donate Now” button.

First United Methodist Church